Iszy for Agencies

Does your agency help clients with copywriting, social media management, or internal resources/employee communications? Let Iszy help you offer new services and insights to your clients, whilst also generating you more income.

Iszy is the first tool of its kind focused on helping companies collect content from their workforce. Use Iszy to onboard your client’s team and then use the data Iszy generates to reward those who contribute the most. Create campaigns and incentivise internal competitions for your client around seasonal and industry-specific content topics. Have a new way to engage their workforce, a new channel of work and a new source of content.

Don’t forget any armies of volunteers your clients may have or even an active audience of happy customers. They might want to share photos and insights into their activities with your client’s brand.

Use Iszy’s Profile Watch to be notified when something starts trending that your client should be talking about. You can be notified directly so that you can put together relevant content, or Iszy can ask your client’s team for their on-the-ground insights.

We’re currently offering free Iszy accounts to agencies. We figure once you’ve used it for your own content, you’ll want to shout about us to your clients! To get your hands on your free handle or to arrange a quick 10-minute demo, just get in touch.

Media and marketing agencies may also wish to take advantage of our affiliate programme – with commission rates paid for any clients who sign up for Pro or Enterprise plan as a result of your recommendation. Contact us for more info.