Iszy at Your University

When it comes to Open Days, prospective students and their parents want to look around the university, the halls and speak to the lecturers. However, the best advice and stories come from the student ambassadors. Universities will now use their students to give tours, talks and guide visitors on their open days. They’ll be around the university campus and cities/towns in which they’re based, usually wearing a shirt or jacket in their uni colours.

Are you hiring photographers or having faculty members run around the campus or school building trying to take photos of all the events taking place? Use Iszy for your student ambassadors to create and send content to your account handle. Then, have a member of faculty access the central dashboard to be able to create RSS feed or post to social media to share. Choose from the selection of media sent from your volunteers for real-time content that your audience can engage with.

Don’t worry about having to search through hundred’s of images. Using machine learning, Iszy is able to create hashtags based on image contents,  which not only eases the time on creating hashtags but allows you to search for specific content. Find out more about this feature here.

When would a university use Iszy?

All the time! Some of the occasions you could use Iszy are:

  • Home and away sports matches
  • Freshers Orientation/Graduation
  • Faculty events
  • Open days
  • Student-organised events
  • Student Union/Athletic Union

“But we have thousands of students!”

You don’t need to add people to Iszy in order for them to submit content to you – you can simply direct people to the Iszy website or a widget on your own site. Invite your core members, or open it to all (don’t worry, you can block users that are being a nuisance!).


If you do decide to add specific people into your Iszy Team, you can tag them to assign them to specific teams or departments so you can choose which reminders / shout-outs they get. Read more to find out about Iszy and managing your Team.

If you’re interested in Iszy at your university, contact us today for a free demo.