Conversion Widget

Friday 23rd November 2018

Our Conversion Widget is a great way of showing your best content in a gallery on your website.

You are able to customise your widgets to perfectly suit your website or brand, as well as the content you want to display.

You’ll find this feature under ‘Widget’ on the left-hand side menu. First, you will see all the created widgets.

Conversion Widget

Create a New Widget

Select the button ‘Create a New Widget’.

The top of the screen will show the code that needs to be embedded in your website.

Below this, you are able to customise your widget with the following options.

  • Upload Button – option to have an upload to Iszy button above the gallery.
  • Gallery – show the content you have uploaded to your feed.
  • Message Editor – option to allow users to send messages into Iszy.
  • Font Family – Use our default to select the font you want to use.
  • Terms Text – Use our default or specific terms and conditions text to be displayed before sharing.
  • Filter by Tags – Display specific content that has specified tags.

Conversion Widget 2

You are also able to customise the button and appearance of the widget.

You will see a preview fo the widget below the customisation fields of the widget.


Adding Your Widget To Your Site

Where you see your created widgets, select the button ‘copy’ and add the embed code to your website on the page you want it to show.

Note: Make sure you add this to your source code or the widget will not show. Below is an example of where to insert the widget on a WordPress site.