Instagram Introduces Close Friends Feature

Wednesday 5th December 2018

Instagram has rolled out a new feature on the platform, where users would be able to share stories with ‘close friends’ rather than the entirety of Instagram. This new feature is designed to bring a more personal experience to the platform by sharing with a smaller group of friends.

To create your small group of friends, select the menu button on the right side of your profile, and tap the option ‘Close Friends’. Here, you can search, add and remove profiles from your small group.

Instagram continues to add new features and improve their user’s experience of using the application. Recently, they have begun trialling a new profile look and sharing IGTV videos can now be done through stories.

Instagram stories now heavily featured similar features on the pioneering app, Snapchat. The mobile application first proposed a way of sending photos and videos that disappeared after 24 hours with their stories. Many platforms now feature stories, including Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube.

Instagram added stories to their platform in 2016, and has now proven to be more popular than Snapchat. According to reports, Instagram stories have double the number of active users than Snapchat.