The Launch of

Monday 3rd December 2018

So we can finally introduce you to our content curation assistant tool, Iszy! We’re excited to finally launch Iszy and are now looking at finding some businesses that might want some help with their content collection. But first, we want to answer a couple of questions:

What’s the point in Iszy?

When you have dozens or hundreds of people in your team, it can be a total pain to be constantly requesting content for your website or social media. The otherwise of it is that your emails, downloads, IM’s and text messages are also usually filled up with other people’s content that they’ve sent you to be distributed.

How does Iszy work?

Iszy launch

With Iszy, your team can upload their content to a centralised dashboard, which you can view, moderate, schedule and publish to either your website or social media.

Iszy also has a ton of other feature’s, including Image Recognition, Profile Watch and Reporting and our plans started from £4pm. Find out more about what Iszy has to offer.

Who would use Iszy?

There are tons of businesses who would benefit from using Iszy in their content collection:

  • Agencies – Use Iszy to onboard your client’s team and then use the data Iszy generates to reward those who contribute the most. Find out more about Iszy for Agencies.
  • Universities – Open Days, Sports Events, Exchange Students. Find out more about Iszy at Your University.
  • Retailers – Use our Conversion Widget to create a gallery for your website, then have your customers upload content to showcase your products! Use our ShopBio feature to link your products to your customers photos. Find out more about our Conversion Widget and ShopBio features.

I think I might want to use Iszy…

If you’re interested in using Iszy, then contact us today at or use our contact form so we can either organise a demo or get you set up!