How to Create a Website Gallery and Shopping Links with Iszy

Tuesday 27th November 2018

One of the banes of Instagram is the fact you can’t link products in the description. It would be handy if we could! But what if you’re a blogger that wants to match your website feed to your Instagram? Your followers wouldn’t have any links to shop your feed! Iszy lets you generate a gallery feed of images submitted by your contributors, which you can then feature on your website through a Conversion Widget. However, not only can you create a replication of your Instagram feed, but you can also add links so that your followers can shop the items you wear or promote.

Add the content that you or your contributors uploaded to your Iszy gallery. Then, use our conversion widget creator to customise the attributes of the feature to your needs and your website. Add this to your website, and either try to replicate your Instagram feed, or customise the images as a whole new feed.

But what about shop links? How can my followers find the products I want to share!? From the dashboard, you are able to link every product you wish easily with ShopBio. Using the URL you input, you can also select an image from that webpage to feature on the page. Iszy will also tell you how many people are clicking on these links.

Conversion Widget and Shoplinks

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