Iszy at a Festival

Friday 23rd November 2018

Are you working at a festival and have hundreds of volunteers over the site? Don’t run around trying to get photos of your team, have them send it to you! They can simply upload to Iszy, and you can view all of the uploads on the centralised dashboard. Utilise your staff and motivate them to send you content for your social media.

Festival crowd at sunset

Want to gather some of those Instagram pics from your festival goer’s, but don’t want to rely on waiting for them to message you back with permission to post their photo? Having them send their photos directly to you through Iszy gives your permission to post these photos.

With the ability to create great photos from your phone, you don’t need to rely on photographers with fancy cameras to be the only source of media. Use ‘on-the-ground’ people to provide you with incredible images to put on your social media or on an RSS feed. Read All About Content here.

Festival at night

Why will people at a Festival send photos in?

Incentivise people by offering a reward for the most popular content. People send in content using their email, so if their media is published, offer them a free burger or drink? Also, use our Reporting function to compare the number of content submitted and published.

Festival during day