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Friday 23rd November 2018

Iszy makes it quick and easy to unite and reward your workforce. From employees to franchisees to volunteers – even to your audience, Iszy helps you collect relevant content from your on-the-ground supporters.

Gather media into one central dashboard that you can access from anywhere. Also, Iszy also has a range of features to assist your content collection, moderation and distribution.

Team-Generated Content

Collecting team generated content (TGC) can often be a colossal mess. Your email, WhatsApp, IM’s and text messages become cluttered with random messages containing all sorts of submission.

This is where Iszy comes in – a tool to help you gather, moderate and distribute your TGC. It doesn’t matter if your team is down the hall or on the other side of the world – your contributors can upload their submissions quickly and easily into a central hub so you can approve what you want to go live. From photos of the company lunch, a case study on your biggest client or just a brief bio and photos of your team, the collection of media is now quick, easy and organised.

Let’s say you have teams based in London, New York and Tokyo. Rather than waiting on emails, messages and IM’s, have your team send the content to Iszy’s dashboard that can be viewed from anywhere.


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User-Generated Content

Do you repost images from your customers, showing the products they bought from you? Rather than spending hours messaging and waiting for them to give you permission to post their photos, why not have them send their photos to you?

Iszy not only gathers your team generated content (TGC) but can also be used to collect your User Generated Content (UGC). Don’t have your team waste time by DM’ing customers, and waiting on their rely. Make the sharing direct and have your audience send their content to you.

Then, using our Conversion Widget, show the images from your customers in an RSS feed on your website. Find out more about our conversion widget here. Also, use our ShopBio to link the URL of the products in the image. Read more about how our ShopBio work here.

Volunteer-Generated Content


Have you got a large team of volunteers that could be producing content for you? By using Iszy, your volunteers could easily be sending media for you to post to social media or an RSS feed to showcase their efforts and your organisation.

Are you a charity, working at a festival or using students to be ambassadors for your university? Iszy can help gather your content from the 10, 20 100 or 1000 members of your team.

Iszy has a Reporting feature to show you who are your most active contributors. If you have hundreds of people contributing to your Iszy queue, this feature will be able to tell you how much someone has contributed, and how much of their submitted media has been published. Using these charts and the contact email that the users will have used to submit, you can properly reward and motivate your workforce.