LinkedIn Revamps Company Pages and Opens Access to API

Thursday 15th November 2018

LinkedIn has announced a revamp of their company pages, which now offers updated sharing options and better management tools. These enhancements have improved the use of the site and focus on making it easier for business to generate engagement and contribute to discussions from the business page.

Company Page Features

Admins are now able to view and post from their business page on the mobile app, meaning that page owners and editors can step outside the office and maintain this on the go, solving a major bug bear for lots of users. Other features in this update include associating pages with particular hashtags, so they become more apparent in searches and so that marketers can see more conversations about topics related to their brand.

Page admins also have new ways to share content:

“While admins have always had the ability to post images, native video and text to their LinkedIn Company Pages, they can now share documents, like PowerPoint presentations, Word Documents and PDFs to tell richer and more compelling brand stories.”


This new content sharing opportunity has widened opportunities for businesses to expand their engagement and post a little bit more than a status, photo or link to a blog.

One of the last features it has unveiled is allowing business pages to share posts from an employee of the company. For example, if an individual were to share a post about a convention they attended where they represented their business, the business page would be able to repost and share that.

LinkedIn API Access

The platform has extended its third-party API, meaning that companies are able to manage their company page with the assistance of outside applications and tools. LinkedIn has integrated with Hootsuite, which now allows notifications within the Hootsuite application from the LinkedIn page. Other partnerships include Crunchbase, which gives members key insights into funding and investors.

LinkedIn hopes these changes will enable marketers to obtain more engagement for their brands directly and retain its position in the business world as a solid platform used by organisations around the globe.