81,000 Accounts Private Messages Leaked in Facebook Hack

Tuesday 6th November 2018

Facebook hasn’t had the best year for the number of cyber attacks and breaches they’ve had. From Cambridge Analytica to the exposed 50 million accounts in September, a new Facebook hack story has come forward. According to the BBC, 81,000 accounts were hacked and private messages were being sold. This was discovered after one of the hackers was advertising the stolen data on a forum.

How did they access someone’s account?

If a user downloaded a malicious browser extension, it let the hackers gain access to the users profile and take the information from their accounts. The hackers claimed they had a database of 120 million accounts, but this could not be confirmed by cybersecurity specialists.

Once notified about the hack, Facebook notified law enforcement about the stolen information so that it can be removed.

Most accounts that were compromised in the hack originated from Russia and Ukraine. However, UK, US and other accounts were also involved in the breach.

It had also recently been announced that Facebook lost 1 million European users in the last three months.