NEW UPDATE: Hootsuite API integration.

Tuesday 17th April 2018 are pleased to announce that we have paired up with HootSuite to enable our content-collation software tool to filter into their social media management platform. enables you to collect team-generated content with consent and ease, and whilst already being able to schedule posts directly to your social media accounts, we understand that many businesses already use Hootsuite for scheduling and mapping impact. Therefore, we have integrated the Hootsuite API so that you can use both platforms – hand in hand.

You can Link your HootSuite account to by finding the icon amongst the other social media icons, at the top of your dashboard. Alternatively, if you have dismissed this box you can go to “Settings” and then the “Social networks” tab and connect from there.

This integration with Hootsuite also means we are able to reactivate publishing to Facebook – a feature we recently needed to disable whilst Facebook undergo their security policy revisions.

If you don’t currently have a HootSuite account, you can create one for free here.

If you’re using for posting to Facebook, please ensure your Facebook page is then set up as a profile in Hootsuite by clicking here.

Once set up and linked with, simply click to schedule content from your dashboard as usual and you’ll see an icon for Hootsuite. Click that, choose the profile you’re publishing to, and choose whether it should go live straight away or be scheduled for a time in the future.

Please note – there’s a 10 minute delay on posts going live if you choose to publish them right away. You don’t need to log back into Hootsuite in order for your posts to publish, but you will find them under your “Scheduled” tab in Hootsuite if you need to check them as part of your regular marketing strategy.