The Team Feature

Friday 6th April 2018

We are excited to announce a new feature within which is called “team”. You will find the icon 3rd down from the top.

The team tab allows you to add and keep track of all the team members who you would like to contribute towards your Iszy account. To add people, simply type in their email address and press add. You can do this individually or in bulk by separating with commas.

When you have added the relevant email addresses, the recipients will receive an email asking them to confirm their email addresses, remember that whatever you initially choose as your profile photo will show up at the top of this email – so it’s best to use your company logo!

From your team tab, you will then be able to see who has and hasn’t confirmed their email address. When your team members click the verify button, they will be redirected to the share page where they can upload directly to your account if needs be.

Now you’ve got to grips with how the team feature works, be sure to check out the shout-outs feature blog post here.