Friday 6th April 2018

We are excited to announce another new feature, shout outs. This works hand in hand with the team feature and you can find this tab next to the team tab.

If you are in need of a certain type of media, you can create a ‘shout-out’ which will email everyone you have saved on your team list.

Let’s say, for example, you are working on a Facebook post with the intent to recruit by promoting your business and the benefits of working for you. You may want to include in your post photographs of recent, fun events. You design a shout out asking for “photographs of the team having fun” and you receive a snap of Sally, John, Emma and Tony playing crazy golf on a staff outing. Another could include all of the office singing happy-birthday with a fabulously lit-up cake for Sarah, and many more.

Creating the shout-out is an easy way to gather these photographs from your team, in one central place (your Iszy account) with consent, without having to chase up emails and texts to receive them.

Another example of the shout out feature – you could have a number of team members attending a convention and you are wanting to post regular updates on Twitter. You could design a shout-out reminding everyone attending to take lots of photos. By having Iszy pinned to their phones, your team members can then easily post real-time imagery with the camera feature, which can then feed into your dashboard for you to plan and schedule into tweets.

When you click on the shout-out tab, you have a few simple details to fill out.



Firstly you can choose when you want the shout out to be sent, including the date and time. Secondly, you can choose whether this is going to be a one-off shout-out or whether you would like it recurring. Thirdly, you should give your shout-out a subject matter. And lastly, you can type in your personalised message with the specifics of what you’re looking for. Using the shout-out feature will prompt your team to send you media so that you always have fresh, new content to use for marketing and social media.