Get fresh content from your team quickly and easily makes it quick and easy for your team to send you photos and videos. You can then incentivise and reward the best contributors.

How it works

  1. Your team upload their photos and videos using our web app.
  2. These then appear in the moderation queue on your dashboard.
  3. You can choose to modify, download, save or publish the best contributions.

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Why use Iszy:

  1. Centralise all your incoming content from multiple locations in one easy to use dashboard.
  2. Built in GDPR compliant rights to use the content.
  3. Use Iszy to organise your team and setup automatic reminders asking them for specific content as required by your marketing calendar.
  4. Let Iszy automatically tag your photos as they're uploaded with relevant and trending hashtags, saving you the trouble.
  5. Share and distribute content wherever you wish - whether that's on Twitter, LinkedIn or even your own website via our widgets and API.
  6. Fully customisable upload and/or gallery widget for your website.

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